Places to Intern
When students seek out off-campus housing, one of the most important factors is the proximity to campus. Sure, you want the freedom of being liberated from the burden of randomly selected roommates and RA rules, but that doesn’t mean you want to have a long commute each time you have to report for class.
That’s why University Park & Place, with its apartments near CWU, is the perfect solution. Less than a block away from campus, you’re in a prime position to get to class on time, just as you would if you were actually living on campus … but with so much more freedom.
One of the great aspects of being in an off-campus apartment is that, as you progress with your studies and take on more responsibility, having your own private home affords you a little more flexibility when coming and going at all different hours, particularly if you’ve decided to take on additional means of learning off campus, be it a part-time job or internship. Having your own space means you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else, and instead can focus on doing what you need to better yourself.
Thankfully, Ellensburg is rife with opportunity to further your education ... outside of the classroom. If you’re using your education to pursue education, look no farther than the Ellensburg School District. While you work your way toward a master’s degree in school administration, reach out via their official website and inquire about volunteer opportunities. The district advertises that it welcomes volunteers into the classroom, so you can have first-hand experience devoting time in schools, in order to prepare yourself for when you eventually receive that degree.
Downtown has several art galleries that are prime spots scope out if, say, you’re on your way toward attaining a degree in fine arts. Gallery One Visual Arts Center, for example, offers courses of all types; ones that you may not be able to find at school (or fit into your full schedule), but still want to explore. To boot, their website lists an ongoing, open call for artists to offer their skills and teach one or more courses to aspirational students.
Or perhaps you’re pursuing an English literature degree. Seek out one of the town’s two libraries for opportunities to work closely with the thing that you are so passionate about: books.
As you can see, despite being a relatively small town, ample opportunities abound in Ellensburg. And being centrally located in our apartments near CWU, you’ll be perfectly situated to keep on top of your studies at school, as well as your extracurricular learning.
To learn more about University Park & Place, or to schedule a tour, contact us today!