We care about the environment—and our residents—which is why we're a GreenLiving community. We strive to improve our efficiency, conservation, and recycling in each of our apartments in Ellensburg, WA because we want to be responsible with our resources. Here are some of the ways we're green!

Efficient Units

We feature energy efficient appliances, lighting, windows, and thermostats to save you money on your bills.

Non-Toxic Products

We keep things green around the property too, with non-toxic cleaning products and lawn care. 




You can make green choices too! Here are some tips:


You probably don't think about it, but small appliances like toasters eat up a ton of energy. Unplugging lamps, small appliances, and TVs can go a long way.

Turn Down

Just a slight adjustment of your thermostat can save you money. Turn your thermostat down two degrees in winter and two degrees in summer to see results.

Switch to Cold

Washing your clothes in cold saves a bunch on laundry energy, and it keeps colors brighter, so I hear.


Campus is so close.