Outdoor Recreation Activities in Ellensburg, WA
Spring is upon us and with its arrival comes the refreshingly warm temperatures that invite us to emerge from our homes and experience the great outdoors … without the need to bundle up against the bitter arctic chill that takes hold every year. Now, it’s time to venture out and take advantage of all the fantastic outdoor recreation near Ellensburg, WA, apartments. If you’re new to the area — or if the long, cold winter has made you forget what’s out there — you may not know that Ellensburg is close to three stunning state parks. We’ve rounded them up for you here, along with some highlights from each one. 

Lake Easton State Park is a 697-acre stretch of land in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Range. Delight in the sparkling landscape along the 24,000 feet of shoreline the park has on its namesake lake. There are more than 6 miles of hiking trails available for exploration, plus another 6 miles specifically for biking. Swimming is allowed in the expansive lake, but please note that lifeguards are not present. Take advantage of the 40 picnics up for grabs (on a first come, first served basis) as well as the grills and fire pits for cooking up a fresh, hot lunch. If a day trip isn’t enough to satiate your outdoor fix, there are 90 standard campsites available, along with 45 full-hookup sites for those with RVs. 

Holmstead Place Historical State Park spans 221 acres and was once a pioneer homestead dating back to 1875. The land originally operated as a family farm serving the Seattle market for three generations, first raising grain and beef cattle and later switching to dairy production, until it was donated as a state park in 1968. Today you can still see the history of the park’s previous life in preserved buildings, like a collection of barns and the original cottonwood log cabin, along with historic furniture, artifacts, and farming equipment. You can also take advantage of a mile of designated hiking trails and 17 picnic tables for refueling amid a day of exploration. 

Ginkgo Petrified Forest is a whole different type of park. As its name suggests, it’s home to rare specimens of petrified Ginkgo trees that were discovered almost 100 years ago. Petrified wood is the name for trees that have fossilized over the years, essentially transforming into stone. There are outdoor exhibits of these rare treasures set along the backdrop of Columbia River views, as well as an indoor museum that features 30 additional varieties of petrified wood. As with the other parks, there are plenty of outdoor picnicking available, plus 50 full-hookup camping sites. (Tenters are welcome to book these sites, but you will still have to pay the full fee.)

Outdoor recreation near Ellensburg, WA, apartments can be found all over. (We are located in a spectacularly beautiful state, after all.) All you need to do is get outside and explore a little. Contact us to learn more about our apartment community!