Nearby Shopping
With our location so close to Central Washington University’s campus, we’re the perfect solution for students looking for the home that best fits their needs once they’re ready to graduate from dorm life. While we fully understand that studies are the primary concern for any student currently enrolled full time, we also know that having a life outside of the classroom is important for maintaining a healthy balance.
That being said, one of the biggest draws for apartments in the area is that they are extremely close to campus, making the trek to and from class extremely easy. At the same time, some of you are also looking for Ellensburg apartments near shopping. Whether you want easy access to necessary supplies for the apartment or for things you may need for class, or you’re just looking for a welcome respite from your intensive studies, University Park & Place is the solution that delivers exactly what you want and need.
When you need to get away, just 45 minutes due south is the Valley Mall. Located in Union Gap, this is the spot to satiate your urge to shop. The mall is home to dozens of shopping outlets — there are nearly 100! — offering apparel, beauty supplies, electronics, jewelry, and more. No matter your budget or agenda, all of your needs can be found here, eliminating the need to drive around, searching high and low.
And, of course, if you’ve grown weary of preparing your own meals, stop for a bite at one of a handful of restaurants near and around the shopping center. You’d be remiss if you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to feast on authentic Mexican cuisine at Xochimilco Tequila Bar & Restaurant. You won’t regret it.
We all know that as fun as shopping may be, it certainly can be draining … especially if the day was spent searching for practical purchases, rather than fun leisurely items. So how perfect that, at the end of the day, you can return home to your comfortable home — since, with University Park & Place, you’re in an Ellensburg apartment near shopping, so the drive home isn’t a long one — to unwind. And when you have to hightail it out to your next class, it’s right near your pad.
To learn more about our Ellensburg apartments near shopping, or to schedule a tour of University Park & Place, contact us today!