Living Near Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility
At University Park & Place, Central Washington University community members are just minutes from campus—opening up a world of learning, right near home. However, not all learning has to happen in the classroom and, with apartments near Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility—one of our region’s most innovative and interactive education centers—the learning can continue long after class ends.
The facility attracts eager science and technology enthusiasts from around the region and is also one of the area’s most bustling tourist attractions, and it’s all just 25 minutes from home for residents of University Park & Place. The Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility is home to nearly 150 wind turbines, as well as solar arrays, turbine generators and many other inventions that harness the wind and sun of Kittitas County for renewable energy. Visitors are welcomed for guided walking tours that provide hands-on education—not to mention, 360-degree views of our mountainous area.
Since our University Park & Place apartments near Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility are popular with members of the CWU campus community, many take advantage of the abounding education at the site. Apart from the tours, the facility often hosts lectures, demonstrations and workshops for eco-minded local residents, as well as nature hikes, races through the grounds and much more.

CWU is known for its emphasis on research and hands-on science education, with its brand-new, state-of-the-art science building featuring a number of geological labs. Many of CWU’s 135 undergraduate majors and 32 master’s degree programs are science-centered, such as its Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Specialization—which focuses on natural resource management, ecological restoration, and biological research — as well as Environmental Geosciences, Environmental Studies, Geology, and Biology. While CWU’s classroom education lays the foundation for a successful scientific career, students can take their learning to the next level by living in apartments near Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility and seeing their lessons in action.

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