Major Employers Near University Park & Place
Ellensburg has tons to offer its residents. Not only does it offer a comfortable country atmosphere in a beautiful state, but it's not far from the bustling city of Seattle. In Ellensburg, you have access to higher education, local shopping and dining opportunities, and great employment options. If you're looking for a great job here in our quaint town, there are many options to pick from in several different areas of work. No matter what career path you're interested in, our apartments near major Ellensburg employers will be here to come back to after your workday! Here are a few of the great places to work in Ellensburg, WA.

Central Washington University 

Our apartment communities are less than half a mile from campus, making it the perfect place for our residents to work! You can easily walk to work on warmer days, and your commute will be a matter of just a few short minutes if you choose to travel by car. Eliminate the time you spend on the road each day by living within close proximity of your workplace and enjoy more time to relax at home each day.

Kittitas Valley Community Hospital

Living close to your job at the hospital can be very beneficial as well. Should there be an emergency, you'll want to make sure you can get to work in the least amount of time possible. Everyone knows that in the medical field, a few short minutes could make a world of difference. Living at University Park & Place puts you just over two miles from the hospital, perfect for employees who want to stay within reach of their workplace at all times.

Ellensburg School District

No matter what facility you work at within the school district, short commutes will help make your workday fly by. By spending less time on the road each day and more time at home or in the classroom, you're putting your best foot forward. This, in turn, helps each and every student do the same. 

Kittitas County

The county can be very rewarding to work for. Whether you'd prefer to work for the justice system or promoting public health for all, Kittitas County can always use the skills and talents of its residents. Living close to each of the county buildings makes commuting a breeze, so that you can enjoy your time after work at home in our University Park & Place Apartments.

Anderson Hay & Grain 

This company has been in business for generations and is now the top exporter in the country for Timothy hay, alfalfa hay, and grass straw. They run a pretty sizeable operation, meaning there are plenty of job opportunities in several different areas of work. If you've ever been interested in working on a farm or under the sun, this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Our University Park & Place Apartments near major Ellensburg employers offer more than great access to job opportunities. Our two great locations function as one community, meaning residents have access to amenities at both! Our pet-friendly apartment homes are perfect for any single household, family, or roommate situation.

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